Independent maintenance management

Hygienic filling lines of the VDMA classes IV and V make special demands on maintenance and care. Through preventive maintenance, high follow-up costs due to production downtimes can be greatly reduced. Your production environment and your products should be decisive for their definition and not the definitions of individual units. Your maintenance system should be defined by the overall system of your production.

  • Analysis of the maintenance instructions of the installed machines and aggregates
  • Localization of synergy effects between the individual components
  • Definition of an overall maintenance system for your entire plant
  • Optimisation of the coordination of time shedules to minimise downtimes
  • Professional control of the maintenance program of the manufacturers
  • Analysis of the maintenance results over a longer period for optimization
  • Optimization of the combination to internal work / manufacturer maintenance
  • Support in the development of cross-location synergy
  • Implementation of maintenance management systems