Practical employee training

In the context of a new installation

You install a new production line consisting of numerous components. The scope of delivery often includes many individual training courses on individual components. What is often missing is training for the entire system, especially if several suppliers are involved in the project. We develop a practical overall training for you by combining the training units of the manufacturers in consultation with them to form an overall training course and supplementing it with specific training content for your production conditions. We train in a practice-oriented manner over a longer period in the production start-up phase. Continuously we identify the actual training needs and define further training specifically to these needs.

For existing plants

Do you notice anytime that your operators are making mistakes due to growing routine? Or you had to replace experienced operators?

We support you with a practical training of your operating team by analysing your production, identify knowledge gaps and optimizing your production with a training based on this knowledge. Depending on your needs, we also coordinate the integration of training courses from manufacturers or external institutes for specialized knowledge.